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Dante's Inferno
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Early in the spring of 1300, "midway along the road of our life," Dante is lost and alone in a dark, foreboding forest. To survive this ordeal, he must visit the three realms of the afterlife, beginning with Hell. Follow Dante's descent circle by circle through the eternal abode of lost souls, down to the pit of Hell at the center of the earth.
Note that circle 8 consists of ten concentric subcircles (bolge or "ditches"): click on the left-hand side (facing you) to visit bolge 1-6 and the right-hand side to visit bolge 7-10.
Danteworlds Home

Cover of Danteworlds Inferno
The Danteworlds Web site contains an abridged version of the original commentary contained in Danteworlds: A Reader's Guide to the Inferno (2007), published by the University of Chicago Press. The Danteworlds book also features plot summaries for each region of Dante's underworld, a chronology of major events in Dante's life, an illustration of Dante's Hell, a map of Italy in the 13th Century, additional study questions, and a bibliography of Dante resources.

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